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The Value and Purpose of this Site

This is a compendium of cases on contracts relating to the carriage of goods by sea (cases on other topics slip in from time to time) - the cases are mainly English.

  • The value of legal advice is the accuracy of the prediction of outcomes.
  • The science of law is perhaps less exact than physical science, yet it is possible for skilled legal practitioners to advise clients on predictable outcomes. Judicial precedent is all important. 
  • Contractual provisions are almost always considered in the context of existing decisions, some hundreds of years old.
  • The summaries posted here are designed to provide quick, easy access to the essential facts and principles of each case.
  • As legal science is fallible and develops organically, subscribers are encouraged to comment of the posts.
  • The summaries posted so far are, hopefully, fairly representative of key decisions to date. Fresh summaries are continually added as new cases are decided.
  • Subscribers are invited to point out omissions.
  • The author and editor is a South African lawyer, practising law since 1977.
Charter Party Casebook