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2. Federal Commerce and Navigation Co Ltd v Tradax Export S.A. (The “Maratha Envoy”) [1975] 2 Lloyd’s Rep 223; [1977] 1 Lloyd’s Rep 217; [1977] 2 Lloyd’s Rep 301

Port charterparty – vessel required to be within port to qualify as “arrived ship The facts The vessel was chartered to carry soya bean meal from Chicago to one port out of Amsterdam or Rotterdam or Antwerp or Ghent or one safe port German North Sea all in charterers’ option. Ultimately, Brake was nominated as […]

1. Zim Israel Navigation Company Ltd v Tradax Export S.A. (The “Timna”) [1970] 2 Lloyd’s Rep 409; [1971] 2 Lloyd’s Rep 91

Port Charterparty – multiple destinations at charterers’ option – failure to nominate loading port timeously giving rise to claim for damages for detention The facts Soya meal and maize corn were shipped from Norfolk, Virginia to one or two safe ports in Holland, Belgium or Germany in terms of a Baltimore grain charterparty. The terms […]

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